anti odor medical mask for the elderly in

anti odor medical mask for the elderly in

High Technologies for a Better Life China Today

It would be a big challenge to meet the needs of caring for the elderly, nursing, geriatric rehabilitation and medical treatment then. We all have to prepare for the retirement life in advance, Huang said. As China is stepping into an aging society, a healthy and colorful life for the elderly

China ups care for "heroic" medics in anti virus fight

So far, hundreds of medical families in the province have received such parcels. In Wenzhou of east China's Zhejiang Province, the women's federation also supplies masks and disinfectants, which are in tight supply in most Chinese cities, to needy medical families.

SCIO briefing on international cooperation in response to

Mar 05, 2020 The Hubei provincial government specially enhanced the anti epidemic treatment for foreign patients according to the hierarchical medical system, and did a fine job in offering treatment and guidance to foreign patients, with strengthened efforts in grid based epidemic prevention and control.

Turbulence injures 35 people, forces the plane to land in

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Chief Dean Nakano said the injured ranged in age from children to the elderly. Customs agents and emergency responders met passengers at the gate at the Honolulu airport to ensure they could get medical attention quickly.

Rescuer describes horror of New Zealand's silent eruption

After 90 minutes, the group got back on the boat, and was just a couple of football fields away from the shore when the volcano erupted. The crew told them to get below deck. Then they asked for people with medical training, and Lillani and her dad, who had both trained in first aid, joined two doctors on deck.

Tibet News

Tibet's medical work development in eyes of a CPPCC member. In 2018, when Premier Li Keqiang visited the Tibet Plateau Medical Research Institute, he pointed out that high altitude sickness was main health threat to people living on plateau, and it also discouraged some ..

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Love is the anti smuggling story was very much in favor of television productions. midsummer hot weather, the factory is not only a dark, even in the stifling hot. Inside the factory filled with the smell of dust is blocking both eyes, throat very pungent, is simply impossible for ordinary people to stay inside. These workers seem to be


What China will do in this regard is to increase its supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients, daily necessities, anti epidemic supplies and other products to the international market. Whats more, we also need to protect women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups, and provide for peoples basic

University students from Suzhou earn int'l award ENGLISH

·Chinese medical team arrives in Moscow with supplies · Xi stresses tighter supervision of workplace safety as businesses resume · Chinese medics share anti epidemic experience with counterparts in Myanmar · Rumor BusterSix facts about China's fight against COVID 19 · Xi chairs leadership meeting on regular epidemic control, work resumption

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China FocusChina's textile industry turns to biomass

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When fashion lovers buy a stylish anti bacterial underwear from lingerie producer Embry Form, they could hardly link it to shrimp and crab shells. The fabric is not only used for making socks, underwear, bedding but also medical products such as masks and sanitary pads as well as special cloth used in aerospace planes, Hu said.

China's elderly population expecting further growth after

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China's elderly population expecting further growth after 2022. Hodo Group donates masks to Cambodia. 0300. Doctors from Jiangsu to head for Venezuela to contain COVID 19. 0200. Jiangsu medical teams return home in triumph.


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</a> The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the three women were found "in states of advanced decomposition," making it difficult to determine their final causes of death, but were not soliciting DNA samples from families of missing persons at this time.